Faith & Fandom Podcast 28: Color Of Fandom & Captain Marvel

March 18, 2019

Hector gets a few minutes on the floor of NC Comicon Raleigh to talk with the fantastic Deborah and Amy on the group Color Of Fandom and their thoughts on Captain Marvel.

Debrorah & Amy are long time friends and Con Family to the Faith & Fandom team and it's silly it took this long to talk with them on a microphone.

Faith & Fandom Podcast Episode 27: Victor Slaughter of Vandal Entertainment Studios

March 11, 2019

Hector sits down to talk with one of the owners and creators of Vandal Entertainment Studios, Victor Slaughter. Pioneer creator in the nerd community , and Card shop owner and game creator with a passion for for God and community. 

The Pull List Episode #10 Interview With Kevin Eastman!

March 4, 2019

Cowabunga says it all on this episode of The Pull List Podcast podcast from Love Thy Nerd.

Kevin Eastman of TMNT fame joins Chris and Hector to help celebrate the show reaching the double digits! Talking about comics, life, and belief Kevin talks about his Christian upbringing and how not all stories require gratuitous violence to tell a great story.

Links from the Show:

Second Coming Comic Book Canceled by DC / Vertigo Controversy The Hollywood Reporter

Batman Damned #3 Delayed Two MonthsDC Comics News

Marvel’s ‘The Punisher,’ ‘Jessica Jones’ Canceled at NetflixVariety

Chris’s Pull List

Gideon Falls #11

The Long Con #5

The Wonder Twins #1

Hector’s Pull List

Red Hood Outlaw #31

Batman Who Laughs #3

Hit-Girl #13

Flash #64

Swamp Thing Day 2 and 3!

January 31, 2019

Hector discusses Day 2 and surprisingly day 3 of Swamp Thing on his commute home through weary eyes and tired voice. Adventure awaits!

Swamp Thing Day 1

January 30, 2019

on his commute home, Hector shares his experience on his first day onset of DC Universe's Swamp Thing.

January Wrap Up & Book 6 Preview

January 25, 2019

Hector updates progress on life and geekdom, then gives a preview of book 6 from the Into The Spiderverse Chapter.

Pull List Podcast 7 from Love Thy Nerd

January 14, 2019

Originally Published on Love Thy Nerd Network:

The first Pull List for 2019 is here and Hector continues his adoration for Batman with #62 from Tom King & Mitch Gerads. The issue details Batman’s subconscious during a protracted fight with Prof. Pyg in a slaughterhouse.

Other issues discussed this week include Daredevil: Man Without Fear, the Hulk in Hell arc from Immortal Hulk, and Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo de Felici’s new comic Oblivion Song which may or may not be tied into The Walking Dead.

The second half concludes with Chris and Hector’s top 3 picks from DC and top 3 picks from Marvel in 2018 as their personal favorites.

January Update On Life, The Books, And Focus

January 11, 2019

Hector pops in to give a general update on life, book 6, his heart and focus.

Pull List Episode 6 from Love Thy Nerd

January 4, 2019

It is the last show for 2018 and Hector and Chris try something new this week. Despite Hector abstaining from purchasing any new Batman comics this last week, the pair find things to talk about in the Fantastic 4 Wedding Special, the Hellboy Winter Special and the Cthul-Lousie one-off from the Black Hammer series.

After the normal bi-weekly review a deep, spoiler filled discussion of The Batman Who Laughs #1: The Grim Knight and what happens when a character goes too far.